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Mainstream Source® Karaoke Microphones

#1 Best-Selling New Microphone

After just 2 months of sales our brand-new wireless karaoke microphone was named the #1 best-selling microphone on Amazon!

Isolated Reverb and Echo/Delay

Our control panel on the face of our wireless microphone separates reverb from delay, and offers short and long delay for vocal clarity and fun! 4 other effects make the party!

Best In Class

Our wireless karaoke microphones are built for a fun party atmosphere, with lights, effects and separated reverb-delay functionality.

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Highest-Quality Bamboo Products

Our set of sturdy bamboo ziplock bag storage containers are easy to configure in most drawers; included is a bamboo hot-plate trivet for placing piping-hot pans, plates or bowls on your counter or table.

Mainstream Source® is also proud to present our foil storage containers for regular size 12-inch rolls of foil, wax, plastic or parchment in sets of 1, 2, 3 and 4, and also large industrial-size foil storage containers for 1000 ft 1-inch rolls.

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Quality Glass Drinkware for Home or Restaurant

Happy Customer!

"I purchased these glasses for my bar area. They are perfect! Will be great for beer or cocktails. Honestly they can be used for anything. Let's talk about how they were shipped.....the most robust packaging I have ever seen!! No worries with broken glass here! Job well done. The coasters are super cute too! And who doesn't need an extra bottle opener!"

-Mistie McDougall

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Perfect for Guitars and Bass Guitars!

"I've been using several types of these self closing/locking hangers for a couple years now - on stands,dual stands and wall mounts supporting everything from ukes to homemade cigar-box guitars to classical jobs. Although all have worked fine this is a heavy duty version of the same - suitable for electric bass and full-size electric ... you place the headstock on the arms of the holder ...its weight pull-down triggers two end caps to close off the cradle, preventing the guitar from any accidental drop!"

— Mark Evans

Great Wall Hanger

"This is a great wall hanger for my bass and guitars. It was very easy to install and put together. The instructions that come with it were helpful....I have also tried it with some of my lighter guitars and it seemed very sturdy. The lock feature works very well and is very sensitive to weight. The woodgrain on the mount is beautiful. It is great that it comes in different wood stains/colors for added versatility. Overall; highly recommended."

— Eddie Rattlehead

Great Stand!

"Strong and sturdy! Went in easily and is holding a valuable instrument up off the ground very well."

— Alex G