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Mainstream Source® was founded back in 2003 by music industry executives with a strong background in producing, directing, composing and editing.

For years we have created the finest music in every genre across the board, working with hundreds of composers from over 20 countries on 6 continents. When we branched into products in 2018, we used our expertise to begin to fashion affordable quality products in every category.

Starting with our wireless karaoke party microphone. Although this is not intended to be a professional microphone for recording purposes, we studied existing models from other companies and fashioned a microphone that ‘feels’ professional for any singer, with the ability to add reverb or echo/delay separately or not at all, enhancing performances as a standalone microphone with a built-in speaker and with the ability to hook it up to larger systems through the line out. Bluetooth capabilities as well as USB allow it to accept music tracks from outside sources on your phone or computer. We were delighted when it quickly became the best selling new microphone in it’s category on Amazon!

Looking ahead to sustainability, we created kitchen items from bamboo, including our popular foil dispenser containers, ziplock bag storage containers and best-selling large bamboo foil dispensers meant to hold 1000-foot 12-inch rolls from the big-box stores.

Our glassware collection includes favorites like best-quality can glasses and pint glasses for beer, soda or iced tea. We also provide double-walled glass coffee and espresso mugs, quickly becoming best sellers and generating buzz because of their
light weight; and, the double-wall keeps your beverage hot while your hands are not! Crystal wine glasses are next in our pipeline of quality glassware.

Our children’s “Grab-and-Go Bento” boxes are the only bento lunchboxes on the market with our patented built-in handle, lab tested for safety and a huge hit with kids!

As we move forward, our goal will always be to provide highest quality products in a
competitive price range that you can rely upon for daily use.

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