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It's A Long Climb To The Middle - Tad Sisler

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Prolific composer, lyricist, author, entertainer, producer and filmmaker Tad Sisler experienced amazing triumphs and profound tragedies throughout his notable career.

In this remarkably candid and transparent recollection of his journey to an extraordinary life - working for Frank Sinatra a s ayoung man - opening for a slew of headliner artists - promoting stadium concerts - composing feature film scores - shooting documentaries - penning books and screenplays - writing, performing and recording thousands of songs with iconic artists - performing as a band leader, pianist, keyboardist and singer on countless events - Tad met and became friends with quite a few legends along the way as he made his climb to the "middle".

On a personal level, Tad endured his father's alcoholism and his parents' divorce as a child, and later his stepsister's murder and his wife's untimely death, somehow finding meaning and extracting valuable life lessons through his odyssey while cherishing his role as a son, brother, husband , father and eventually a grandfather.  

Tad's exceptional story is proof that, with persistence, optimism and faith, it is possible to overcome all obstacles.